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You decide who becomes a judge in Philadelphia. Our Judicial Commission's objective, nonpartisan investigations rate candidates on their ability, integrity and judgment. Make an informed decision.

2023 General Election Ratings

For Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court, only ratings for Philadelphia-based candidates are shown.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Hon. Daniel D. McCafferyHighly Recommended

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Hon. Timika LaneHighly Recommended

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Hon. Matt WolfRecommended

Court of Common Pleas

Hon. Chesley A. LightseyHighly Recommended
Hon. John R. Padova, Jr.Highly Recommended
Hon. Natasha Taylor-SmithHighly Recommended
Hon. Kay YuHighly Recommended
Hon. James J. EisenhowerHighly Recommended
Hon. Brian McLaughlinRecommended
Hon. Samantha WilliamsRecommended
Hon. Tamika WashingtonRecommended
Damaris GarciaRecommended
Caroline TurnerRecommended
Jessica BrownRecommended
Rajinderpal SandherNot Recommended

Municipal Court

Colleen OsborneRecommended
Barbara ThomsonRecommended
Rania MajorNot Recommended

2023 Candidates for Retention

Under the Guidelines of the Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention, candidates for retention are only eligible for a rating of recommended or not recommended. Ratings are posted as they become available.

Court of Common Pleas

Hon. Jacqueline AllenRecommended
Hon. Giovanni CampbellRecommended
Hon. Ramy I. DjerassiRecommended
Hon. Joseph L. FernandesRecommended
Hon. Holly FordRecommended
Hon. Timika LaneRecommended
Hon. Joseph Scott O’KeefeRecommended
Hon. Paula PatrickRecommended
Hon. Sierra L. ThomasRecommended
Hon. Nina Wright-PadillaRecommended
Hon. Anne Marie CoyleNot Recommended

Municipal Court

Hon. Marissa J. BrumbachRecommended
Hon. William A. Meehan, Jr.Recommended
Hon. Bradley MossRecommended
Hon. David ShuterRecommended
Hon. Karen SimmonsRecommended
Hon. Marvin L. WilliamsRecommended
Hon. Matt WolfRecommended